Introducing 3D buttons!

As the whole web goes 3D, we implemented amazing 3D buttons into Jupiter theme for the first time. They are perfectly crafted and simulate 3D feeling of pushing a real button. Check different styles and colors below.

3D buttons

3D buttons – Small

3D buttons – Medium

3D buttons – Large

Outline buttons

2D buttons

2D buttons – Small

2D buttons – Medium

2D buttons – Large

3D animated buttons

Go 3D on your page with this brand new shortcode. It feels like a real button both in terms of graphic and animation.

Unlimited colors

You can assign any color value to each button you create. The default color however is same as the one you choose in typography setting.

1500+ icons for buttons

Yes! You can choose between a huge collection of 1500+ amazing icons and assign to each button.


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